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Interview Coaching Services, Washington, DC

Interview Coaching Services in Washington, DC

What clients have said about our interview coaching services.

Brent E.

I worked with Mark on improving my resume and interviewing skills, and he was fantastic. I am looking at changing fields, and was having difficulty articulating how my experience applies to the new area. Mark helped me to develop a resume and cover letter that will stand out, and to tell a compelling story how my accomplishments will apply to a new area. Mark gave very straightforward and practical advice, and I feel much more confident in my ability to sell myself as a result of working with him. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to improve their interviewing skills.

Keith S.

This review is long over due. Mark's services from resume writing to interview coaching fit all of my needs. I had not required a resume in a long time and had a unusual career path of that as a business owner prior to being called to active duty as an Army Reserve Officer. Being able to actually meet with Mark and explain my parallel careers set him apart from his peers. After completing my resume he then proceeded to train/coach me on his unique yet effective cover letter and interview process. Several employers have had nothing but positive feedback and job offers are starting to mount!

Kenny L.

I have been very fortunate to know Mark for many years. He is without a doubt the most creative, knowledgable, and up to date coaches I know. We live in a very competitive and challenging world. If we want to stand above the crowd, we need an edge. The best edge. Working with Mark will provide that critical edge.

Roderick B.

Mark met with our son when he first graduated from the University of Washington. With resume and interviewing coaching, our son found a great job in the Washington D.C. area.

Steve K, a Relocating Senior Executive with 20 Years of Professional Experience:

At this stage in my career, I've attained and succeeded in several executive-level positions, but still did not feel confident in my ability to get my message across in what I refer to as a "cold interview," one in which I did not already know and have credibility with the interviewers.

After overcoming my skepticism about whether I could do so, I implemented Mark's recommendations in my interview with board members of my targeted organization. Mark's advice converted my role from interviewee to consultant and it facilitated an open exchange of ideas during which I both discussed and demonstrated my relevant strengths. It played out exactly as he had predicted. They "sang like birds" and I was able to discuss my background in the context of what they told me they were looking for. At the end of the interview they made it clear that they wanted to interview 2 more canfdidates befroe making a final decision. I told them that I needed to make this move for family considerations and that I wasn't waiting around for them: (Again, based on Mark's input. Three hours later I had an offer on the table. I accepted the next day and have never regretted it for a minute. Mark's coaching was more than interview prep - it was job prep as well as something I can utilize forever. Kudos to Mark for sharing his highly effective strategies!

Aaron T, Med School Applicant with GPA Issue:

Aaron was referred to us by his mother 2 days before he was to have an interview to gain admittance to a well known medical school. Although Aaron had done well in college, his grades weren’t quite up to the standard requirements to get into a top notch Pre-Med program. He was nervous about how he would explain his undergraduate grades which were one-half point below the required grade level. We spent 3 hours working with Aaron on a Sunday morning and helped him craft an overall strategy. By the end of our session, the words just flowed out of his mouth like he had been doing this forever. He really understood our strategy. "Mark helped me focus on areas I needed to improve, including my articulation and energy level as well as specific content. Based on his recommendations, I re-honed my approach and was much better in the second mock interview session with him. My med-school interviewer must have agreed! I'm packing to begin my first semester there!"

Elik T Young Adult with 1 Year of Professional Experience:

Boy was I wrong! Mark, I was really skeptical about the value of your "mock interview" at first, but after listening to my audio tape and spending a couple of hours in your coaching session, I knew I was onto something!

Let me tell you, Mark, I NAILED that interview. I even started the interview off how you recommended by asking that "assertive" (but not aggressive) opening question, and then made my case. At the end of the interview, I threw out your curveball question. Best part is, just like with your previous client, they too gave me a specific answer."

Nils V., C.O.O. of a Government Contracting Firm, Approximately 15 Years at His Current Firm (Resume & Interview Coaching Client):

I DID find value. While the main principle of his suggested method for someone at my level might have been to me somewhat intuitive, my talk with Mark certainly validated that approach and gave me a framework with which to proceed. His four main interview questions are powerful, and having a dialog around those questions certainly beats "tell me about yourself" kind of interview questions. In totality, I think the coaching - and its cost - were worthwhile.

Ally K, Unemployed, Accomplished HR Management Professional:

Thank you so much for your help with my resume. Beth, ever since I posted my new resume, I started getting e-mails and calls right and left. I actually had 3 offers to pick from and they were all large, stable companies. I couldn't have done this without you. I just accepted their (a major government contractor) final offer today.

Gloria R, Mid-Level Manager:

Wow, I am so excited! This is the first time in literally two years that an employer has responded to my online resume submission and now I have so much more available to present during my upcoming phone interview!

Tim H, Retail Operations Manager:

I haven't interviewed in 12 years! After listening to the tape of my Mock Interview with Mark, one of my reactions was: "Did I really just say that -- what was I thinking?"

I've had two interviews since working with Mark on my approach, and, (even before using his proactive method, which I plan to incorporate in my next set of interviews), I felt totally in control in those sessions! I can't believe I actually considered going into those interviews "cold." Not only that, they asked me exactly what Mark predicted they would!

Beth, thanks for putting me in touch with Mark. Not only has this helped my interviewing skills, I'm using these techniques as I interact with people as I conduct my daily business!