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Mark Suss

As a professional interview coach in Washington, DC, our founder Mark Suss has helped countless clients prepare for their job interviews with his human resources consulting experience. Mark has been in the recruiting industry since 1983. During this time, he gained extensive experience operating an executive recruiting firm where he prepared each candidate for their interview.

In 2008, he decided to start Interview Coaching Institute to help his clients gain an edge in ever-changing economic conditions.  So whether you are a new graduate preparing for your first position or you are a working professional looking to change careers, Mark Suss and his team are here to help prepare you for your interview. Contact our office today to learn more about our career consultation services or to discuss your upcoming interviews with our team.

About our Services

At Interview Coaching Institute, we offer a variety of career planning services to help you prepare for your future job path. With the assistance of our founder and his team we will provide you with advice on how to improve your resume, as well as run mock interviews to identify your strengths and weaknesses with the hiring process. With our job interview coaching, we help you get the career you want by helping you to stand out from your fellow applicants.

Mark’s Past Experiences

  • Interview Coaching Institute: Interview Coach & Resume Writer
  • Former Owner: 2nd Opinion Pre-employment Screening
  • Retired owner of Career Placement Associate, and former Publisher of Recruiters Weekly Digest Consultant in Human Resources & Marketing for the Retail and Medical Professions

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